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Dr. Bob Lightner


Bob Lightner - Videographer

Bob Lightner began his love of the cosmos with the help of the late Sir Patrick Moore whilst looking through his 8” Newtonian reflector telescope at the beautiful planet Saturn. His boarding school was located in Wallingford, UK where he studied.

Bob did his internship at Kitt Peak Observatory near Tuscon, Arizona. As an undergraduate he studied Radio Astronomy with the late Dr. Thomas Carr from the University of Florida and was a friend of the late Dr. Carl Sagan at Cornell. He worked with Dr. Carr in the 1970’s on radio observations of the planet Jupiter and its Galilean moon, Io. Bob is the past president of the Alachua Astronomy Club and helped build the Newberry Star Park and Observatory in 2008. Bob retired after 37 years of teaching at Santa Fe College, in Gainesville, Florida where he helped install their planetarium equipment.

Bob’s other interests are the sport of fencing, HAM radio, traveling, and videography.

Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.
Plato, The Republic


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