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Christeen Skinner


Christeen Skinner

Christeen Skinner has been an astrologer for more than 30 years, and she has been studying planetary pictures since the age of nine. In particular, she is fascinated by the correlation between planetary formations and events on earth. It is extremely rewarding for her to measure the apparent correlation between these pictures and the financial markets.

It is deeply important to her to develop a greater understanding of astrology's potential, as well as to support the efforts of those who are investigating the relationship between the planets and trends in music, architecture, and politics.

Christeen values confidentiality of her clients. She prefers to work with only one client at a time in any field of expertise. Clients love her wealth of experience and relationships built over years. She is a well-respected key player on the astrology speaking circuit who focuses on financial and business matters. The Financial Universe was published in 2004 and Exploring the Financial Universe in 2016. The Beginners Guide to the Financial Universe was released in March 2017 and followed by ‘Navigating the Financial Universe’ published in August 2019. In this book, she predicts that there will be a pandemic in 2020.

Pre-Conference Workshop


This workshop focuses on the use of planetary and lunar cycles to predict trading results.

Christeen will present her findings regarding precious metals, indexes such as SPX, Hang Seng, and FTSE (London index) with some surprising results and demonstrate how Arch Crawford's theory of 'Crash Cycles' can be utilized.

Additionally, she will demonstrate how she researches specific stocks and cryptocurrencies (examples include MSFT, XBT, and FEDEX). There will be an opportunity to work collectively on back testing during this workshop.

Lecture Description


The Sun is the superpower of life. There is a sunspot cycle that we are familiar with. When were you born? Were you born during a time of low or high activity? This presentation examines the charts of world leaders and the decisions that have changed the course of history with respect to solar activity, such as eclipses, sunspots, solar flares, and coronal mass ejections.


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