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David Campbell



David Campbell

David Campbell is the President of the American Federation of Astrologers, and holds a LPMAFA (Lifetime Professional Member of the AFA). He also owns and operates the Astrology Store in Glendale, Arizona, and has been in business for 23 years. Certified Research Medium -Windbridge Institute, Forever Family Foundation. He authored three astrology books, Forensic AstrologyAsteroids Interpreted, and Amazing Asteroid Stories. Additionally, he wrote the 4 major asteroid interpretations included in the Sirius program. He specializes in asteroids, forecasting, rectifying, predicting the weather, and teaching astrology. His clientele consists of many professionals and business people who seek him regularly.


Lecture Description

Amazing Asteroids   Working with the four majors and Chiron and more!

The four major asteroids are becoming more utilized in charts, and many still do not know how to interpret them. This lecture will open up many more ways they can be interpreted with examples in celebrity charts. The importance of adding Juno to synastry and composite charts is vital and will be demonstrated. In addition Dave will discuss Psychic asteroids that relate to psychic talents and potentials, and Astrological asteroids that are indicators of an astrologer. Other asteroids include Bacchus, Elvis and Proserpina!


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