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Kathy Rose


Kathy Rose

For more than 40 years Kathy Rose has been a full-time consulting astrologer, lecturer and teacher with a thriving international practice. She brings an intuitive and therapeutic approach to consultations. A highest-honors graduate of Noel Tyl’s Masters Course, Kathy is frequently published in The Mountain Astrologer and maintains a popular YouTube channel and also The Maverick Podcast.  She also frequently lectures for Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research & Enlightenment, ISAR, OPA, NCGR, and Astrology University and Kepler College.


Lecture Description

Therapeutic Mantras For Consultations

Finding a meaningful mantra to encapsulate and express key therapeutic healing points conveyed in the consultation can offer important action steps for the client. Specific mantras and affirmations flow well with particular chart patterns.

In this presentation we will explore:
    • Key phrases that redirect chart tension
    • Mindful application of new thinking that helps to heal
    • Focusing on the purpose of hard aspects in the natal chart


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