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Dr. Lea Imsiragic


Lea Imsiragic

Lea Imsiragic's is professional astrologer for 20 years, international speaker and author of six astrological books. After working with thousands of clients and students all over the world she created an accurate energy and astrological system for diagnosis and therapy: Energy Astrology, Astromeridians and Astrohealing.

She is cofounder of Kepler Institute for Astrological Research and Education.

Lea biggest passion is to travel around the world with her husband Aleksandar and teach people how to practically live the truth that we are the Universe and how to build amazing life and business around this truth. Her books are translated in English, Russian and Turkish language.

Email: info@leaimsiragic.com
Website: www.leaimsiragic.com
Instagram: @drleaimsiragic

Lecture Description

Open Your Astrological House Potential with tapping

Dr. Lea Imsiragic
If you feel that you have an opportunity for growth in certain areas, then we can recognize and clear your subconscious blockages in the form of daily triggers or life patterns and allow you to live fully. Discover how to use 12 meridians points to unlock 12 astrological houses potential and live your life on new level. This is practical and experiential lecture.


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