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Lynn Bell


Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell has been a consulting astrologer for over four decades, looking deeply into the enfolding cosmos, and the way it emerges in the lives of each person she works with. Lynn is particularly interested in. the archetypal images that impact the soul and illuminate the psychological and spiritual growth of individuals, Lynn lives in Paris, France  was a long time tutor for the now near-mythic Centre for Psychological Astrology in London. She now teaches online for Astrology University and MISPA, and has spoken at conferences  and schools all over the world. Among her many passionate adventures in astrology are mundane cycles,  the exploration of family inheritance, and the craft of Solar Returns. (Planetary Threads IBIS Press, and  Cycles of Light  Raven Wings Press). In 2016 Lynn was awarded the Charles Harvey award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. She has also taught for Caroline Myss’s CMED Institute, and the Chartres Wisdom School, and more recently for myss.com. She can be reached at www.lynnbellastrology.com.

Pre-Conference Workshop

Is the 7th house You or is it Me?

Who am I looking for? What do I see? Is the 7th house you,or is it me?

There is a tendency among astrologers to speak as if the 7th house is 'out there', waiting to be discovered. Nevertheless, the situation is more complex than that. The planets in the 7th invite us into a dance with each other, a dance of attraction, admiration, frustration, and rejection. Our first impression of what we see in them may not be accurate. Upon crossing the threshold, we may encounter the other as well as our own expectations; however, once we have entered, we will be profoundly impacted.

There is a tendency for astrologers to refer to empty 7th houses with no planets as empty houses. There is, however, nothing empty about the powerful cycles of allure and repulsion associated with the angle of the descendant, which marks the cusp of the 7th house.

Lecture Description

Falling Apart and Coming Together The Saturn Neptune Cycle in individual Experience

If Saturn represents the hard bedrock of established rules, Neptune, changes its parameters like a dream. Every 35 years these planets come together and the structures of our world waver and shift, as a new vision infuses the old. As Saturn and Neptune come ever closer together how do they affect our individual lives? Each of us may be at a different bend in terms of this process. It may be the perfect moment for those who have not yet found the right place. For others, some of what we hold dear may shimmer and disappear. We will look at the last Saturn Neptune cycle that began in 1989 and see how it emerged in individual lives through its squares and opposition, in anticipation of a shift to come.


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