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Pam Gallagher


Pam Gallagher

Pam Gallagher has been practicing, studying, and teaching astrology for over 45 years. She is also an interfaith minister. Her areas of expertise include relationship counseling, forecasting, and spiritual development. Upon completing her studies at the University of Cincinnati, Pam discovered her passion and life purpose in the field of astrology. She has traveled the world to further her knowledge and understanding of metaphysics. After retiring from corporate America, Pam completed her master's degree in Theology. In her capacity as an internationally recognized speaker, Pam brings her perspective on Astrology and how it affects life on Earth. Pam opened the Midwest School of Astrology where she provides students of all ages with the opportunity to learn and explore the mysteries of Astrology after teaching Astrology for many years. She currently serves on the board of the Avalon School of Astrology.


Lecture Description

Delve into your Draconic Soul History using midpoint patterns to See Deeper

Open up the nodal envelope to see the deeper soul purpose through the Draconic chart. By creating a bi-wheel chart with the Draconic chart on the outside, we will look into the soul memory file to learn what developed talents are available this lifetime Using midpoint patterns and harmonic strengths, we will examine the soul’s inner drive. Then, going one step deeper, we will search for the Core Draconic soul call driving one’s life experience on planet Earth.


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