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Pouyan Zilfagharmia


Pouyan Zilfagharmia

Pouyan Zolfagharnia, ACA, was born in Iran in 1982 and is currently living in Cardiff, United Kingdom. His journey into the realm of Persian Astrology began in 2012, where he discovered a profound interest in Mundane and Financial Astrology. In 2021, Pouyan had the unique opportunity to learn from esteemed mentors, Raymond Merriman and Gianni Di Poce, as part of the Merriman Market Timing Academy. This experience played a pivotal role in crystallizing and integrating his passion for both the intricate world of Finance and the celestial insights of Astrology.

Presently, Pouyan serves as a Merriman Market Analyst and Commodity Trader, dedicating countless hours to the meticulous study of cycles within the Financial and Geo-Political arenas. His commitment to understanding these cycles stems from a belief that by comprehending the harmonies and balances inherent in the Macrocosm, one can gain profound insights into what may seem like a chaotic world.

Lecture Description

The Financial Astrology of Crude Oil

In this presentation, we will explore the fascinating correlations between the price action of crude oil and various astrological and cyclical signatures. We will delve into historical trends and events, examining how planetary movements and cycles have influenced market behaviors and significant price shifts in the oil industry. Join us for an insightful journey through the history of crude oil, viewed through the lens of financial astrology, to uncover potential predictive patterns and deepen our understanding of this vital commodity.


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