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Ulric Aspegrén


Ulric Aspegren

Born in Sweden, but raised in Switzerland, Ulric Aspegrén is passionate about astrology, with a two-year psychology-astrology diploma - Copenhagen. He also holds electrical engineering and computer science degrees - University of Colorado. After 21 years, he left the corporate world and became in 2014 a top graduate of Merriman Market Timing Academy program. Ulric works now as an independent financial market timing analyst in Switzerland.


Lecture Description

When is the next big event in the U.S. Dollar Index and the Euro?

Time is more important than price! Join Ulric Aspegrén in this lecture showcasing how you can gain an edge for your investments by using market and astrological cycles.

First, you will acquire the knowledge on how to forecast a time period for a long-term market event via quantitative studies of historical prices. Secondly, you will learn on how to narrow down this time band by overlapping with a planetary pair cycle. I will be using the Merriman Market Timing techniques combined with the Aspegren Pyramid of Cycles. We will study the U.S. Dollar and the Euro, but you can apply these timing techniques to any financial market.


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