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Wiebke Held


Wiebke Held

Wiebke is a professional Product Manager in Software Development at one of Germany's fastest-growing startups. Born in Germany, Wiebke pursued her academic aspirations by obtaining a Master of Science Degree in Business Science from the University of Amsterdam. Her professional journey has been global, with work and living experiences in France, Singapore, and the United States. This international exposure has enriched her understanding of diverse markets and business environments.

In addition to her primary career, Wiebke is a financial trader and investor with profound skills in financial market analysis. She has studied under renowned financial astrologers Raymond Merriman and Gianni Di Poce, completing a 2-year program at the Merriman Market Timing Academy. During this time, she learned various market timing tools, including astrology. In 2023 and 2024, she conducted and presented numerous studies on geocosmic correlations to financial market cycles, applying Ray Merriman's methodologies. Wiebke’s multifaceted expertise and approach to financial analysis distinguish her as a significant and notable professional in both the technology and financial sectors.

Lecture Description

Geocosmic Correlations to Market Cycles in the NASDAQ Composite Index

Join Wiebke in an insightful lecture exploring the intriguing correlation between planetary cycles and the culmination of market cycles. This session will focus specifically on the NASDAQ Composite Index, delving into its market cycles and identifying key planetary cycles that can be utilized for market timing purposes. Using methodologies developed by renowned financial astrologer Raymond Merriman, Wiebke will present comprehensive research results based on 40 years of market data. Attendees will gain valuable insights into how these findings can be applied to anticipate future market movements.


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